Photosynthesis FTW

Despite Maine’s rainy June, our vines have made the most of the handful of sunny days that have graced us with warmth and light.

Here in Lincolnville, buttercups are in full bloom and buds in the vineyard have transformed into in young clusters of grapes, as the fruit begins to mature. Photosynthesis, for the win!

More good news: We have bud break, again! The roots of our 700 newly planted L’Acadie blanc vines have taken hold, and we see bud break on these young vines. Although we won’t harvest fruit from these plants for a few years, this is a great start for our new babies.

If you’d like to taste the wines we produce from grapes, we grow right here in Lincolnville, be sure to ask about our Winemaker’s Select tasting that we offer in our tasting rooms!

Live your life. Be who you are. Drink good wine along the way.