New Beginnings: Bud Break & 700 Vines of L’Acadie Blanc

By June 5, 2017June 6th, 2017Seasons of the Vineyard

After a rainy May, a few warm sunny days was all our vines needed to start their annual growth cycle. Tiny buds had begun to swell on the laid down canes, and before we knew it,  bud break!

Shortly after the buds break open and stems start growing, our team thins the buds, a practice from which the saying ‘Nip in the bud,’ originates. As the saying goes, we are quite literally stopping the growth of certain buds early in their development. Removing unnecessary buds eliminates excess growth, concentrates flavor in the fruit, and saves time on canopy maintenance later in the season.

Our vines, grass and tree leaves aren’t the only things growing, our vineyard is, too! This past weekend, thanks to the careful preparations of Wyatt and his team, we were able to plant 700 vines of L’Acadie blanc. Known for its early harvesting potential, L’Acadie blanc has proven to grow well in our vineyard, has great chemestry for blending, and will be a great anchor for future harvests and¬†estate wines!

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