A note from Bettina: My 15 Year Anniversary

By February 15, 2022March 1st, 2023All News, Announcements

Dear Cellardoor Friends,

February 15, 2007, is just a day for nearly everyone. For me, it is so much more. It is one of a handful of my life’s big dates, of which some have been full of joy and others less so. Each of these anniversaries is more than a single day; they are markers for when life’s journey took a noticeably different path. Fifteen years ago today I purchased Cellardoor Winery.

With you, I celebrate, cherish, the shared memories gathered over the past years. I hope you have a favorite visit here. Whether your highlight was one quietly sipping and enjoying the view, chatting with strangers at the tasting bar, or dancing under the stars, this place is transporting. It has a good soul. And yes, delicious wine, award-winning indeed, is a perfect pairing for the haven that Mother Earth and the builders of our barn created.

Reflecting upon this path of the journey, I have softened up my edges as dared by my mentor, learned to run a small business as dreamed with Dad, and been with the incredible talents of many a loving caretaker for this special place as the prior owners directed. I do still have work to do on slowing my pace down some….thankfully the journey is not done.

Thank you to each of you for being a part of this!

From the heart,


P.S. Today also marks 15 years of doing our best to avoid seeing grapefruit faces. As this throwback video shows, time may pass, but the goals stay the same.

Live your life. Be who you are. Drink good wine along the way.