Cantina Rossa

This light bodied “kitchen red” is fruit forward and easy sipping.


YEAR: 2013

50% Grenache
44% Carignane
6% Dolcetto

Grenache: De Palma Vineyards, Manteca, California
Carignane: Haig Torosian Vineyard, Madera, California
Dolcetto: Crawford Vineyard, Columbia Valley AVA, Washington

ABV: 14.2%

WINEMAKER NOTES: Cantina Rossa is our easy drinking table red. The bulk of this blend is made up of Grenache and Carignane from vineyards in California; both finished wines were juicy, fruit forward with moderate alcohol and nice acid. Blended together with a touch of Dolcetto this makes for a delightfully easy sipping daily red. We only aged this wine for 8 months in neutral barrels before bottling to keep the blend fresh and light with little tannin. This creative blend is soft, fruit-forward, and easygoing.


  • Light Italian dishes
  • Charcuterie

PRICE: $10.00

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