Cantina Rossa

Inspired by 19th century Chianti blending practices, our intriguing union of 76% Sangiovese, 13% Syrah, and 11% Pinot Grigio is fruit forward and fun with candied raspberry and licorice.


YEAR: 2016

76% Sangiovese
13% Syrah
11% Pinot Gris

Sangiovese: Broetje Vineyard, Columbia Valley AVA, WA
Syrah: Pace Vineyard, Yakima Valley AVA, WA
Pinot gris: Gamache Vineyard, Columbia Valley AVA, WA

ABV: 14.1%

WINEMAKER NOTES: The 2016 vintage began remarkably hot in the spring but cooled off by summer. This extended hang time allowed for both gradual and even ripening – per- fect weather for developing ripe flavors and expressive aromatics. For this version of Cantina Rossa, we modeled the wine after a traditional 19th century Chianti. Bettino Ricasoli is credited with developing the Sangiovese = based Chaniti ‘recipe’ – calling for about 70% Sangiovese, 15% Canaiolo, 10% Malvasia and 5% other local red varieties. Since we did not have access to Canaiolo or Malvasia grapes, we replaced them with Syrah and Pinot Grigio respectively, and were very pleased with the results.


  • Light Italian dishes
  • Charcuterie

PRICE: $16.00

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