Brut Nature Rosé

Estate-grown sparkling brut nature.


YEAR: 2016

41% Frontenac gris
41% Frontenac blanc
18% Marquette

100% estate grown Cellardoor Vineyard


ABV: 12%

WINEMAKER NOTES: With above-average temperatures and a dry fall, 2016 was a near-perfect growing season in Maine. At only 26 cases, we flipped the script on our Bulles Rosé and produced a limited-edition wine that leads with the Frontenac blanc and gris grapes rather than Marquette. Like the Bulles Rosé, this wine did not see any skin contact as its color is derived from the uncommonly red Marquette juice. To reduce the naturally high acidity in both the Frontenacs and Marquette, we followed primary fermentation with a partial malolactic fermentation. Upon finding the right acid balance and mouthfeel, we chose to age the blend in stainless steel rather than oak prior to tirage. After bottling the base wine with yeast and sugar for a Traditional Method bottle fermentation, we aged the wine for an additional 32 months before disgorging the yeast and corking. Since we did not add a final dosage to the wine, it is a brut nature.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the naturally high levels of calcium in our soils, our estate grapes are also high in calcium. This can cause calcium tartrate crystals to form in the bottle. These crystals are just calcium falling out of solution over time and will cause no harm or flavor change.


      • Bright summer salads with vinaigrette
      • Caviar
      • Any celebration

PRICE: $50.00

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