Blanc de Blancs

This Brut Nature style sparkling wine is delicate on the palate with a hint stone fruit.


YEAR: 2017

100% L’Acadie Blanc

100% Cellardoor Estate Vineyard, Lincolnville, ME


ABV: 12.2%

WINEMAKER NOTES: The 2017 vintage broke records for fall temperatures in Maine – this unusually warm season resulted in lower acid for our L’Acadie blanc grapes. We followed primary fermentation with a partial malolactic fermentation. Upon finding the right acid balance and mouthfeel, we chose to age the wine in stainless steel rather than oak prior to tirage. After bottling the base wine with yeast and sugar for a Traditional Method bottle fermentation, we aged it for an additional 43 months before disgorging the yeast and corking. The extended lees contact in bottle allows for more pronounced and complex
flavors, enhanced mouthfeel, and fine bubbles. Finding this wine to have the perfect chemistry, we chose to forgo the traditional dosage at disgorging, thus creating our first brut nature blanc de blancs.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the naturally high levels of calcium in our soils, our estate grapes are also high in calcium. This can cause calcium tartrate crystals to form in the bottle. These crystals are just calcium falling out of solution over time and will cause no harm or flavor change.


  • Brie with toasted baguette
  • Potato Chips
  • Oysters

$32.00 bottle / $250.00 case
$45.00 bottle

**Blanc de Blancs 2016 and 2017 is currently ONLY available in LINCOLNVILLE**

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