Blanc de Blancs

Rich and complex with bright pineapple, quince, and brioche, with a mineral backbone.


YEAR: 2015

50% Frontenac blanc
50% Frontenac gris

100% Cellardoor Estate Vineyard, Lincolnville, ME


ABV: 11.7%

WINEMAKER NOTES: The 2015 spring and early summer began cool and dry, but higher than average temps in August kept our estate grapes on track to be harvested before the first deep frost. To reduce the natural high acidity in the grapes, we followed primary fermentation with a secondary malolactic fermentation and aged the wine in neutral barrels sur lie for 3 months (stirring the lees weekly). Once we achieved the desired chemistry and mouthfeel, we bottled the base wine with yeast and sugar for a Traditional Method bottle fermentation. We aged the wine in bottle for an additional 25 months before disgorging the yeast and corking. As a final touch, we added a 11 g/L dosage for perfect balance.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the naturally high levels of calcium in our soils, our estate grapes are also high in calcium. This can cause calcium tartrate crystals to form in the bottle. These crystals are just calcium falling out of solution over time and will cause no harm or flavor change.


  • Brie with toasted baguette
  • Potato Chips
  • Oysters

PRICE: $50.00

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